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    547KHG/7/40 - 547KHG/7/43

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  • Description physique :

    Importance matérielle : 4 dossiers

    Genre/Carac. phys. : Tirés à part, textes dactylographiés

  • Présentation du contenu :


    «House cut out of the children's picture book...» et «Sun hung from the ceiling with a braid of garlic...» ( Poetry London , Spring 2011).


    The Sailors without a Ship . Traduction de Marilyn Hacker ( Artful Dodge , sans date).


    Travel Guide to the Forest of Meaning . «Adonis - translated by Marilyn Hacker - via the French version of Vénus Khoury-Ghata» (sans date).


    Traductions sans mention d'auteur et sans date : «She who became a pile of useless things knows the way...» ; «She places her hands on the apple's hands to feel its resistance to anguish...» ; «First, she kills the red hen that traces circles around her field...» ; He returns huge shovelsful of thick air from the depths...» ; Poet ; «From you I return...».